Muskoka Bed

Made to Order


Custom sizing available

Minimalist steel meets the luxurious warmth and texture of solid wood. The striped pattern of natural hardwoods that make up this unique headboard creates a bold focal point at 48" in height (your mattress rests on a 10" high platform). Our steel bedframes feature wooden slats and a steel centre bar for support.

Made in Canada by local craftsmen.


  • Queen: $3220 in Hot-rolled steel / $3594 in Stainless steel
  • King: $3585 in Hot-rolled steel / $3962 in Stainless steel


  • Solid wood (carpenter's selection of ash / oak / cherry / elm / walnut / fir and/or others)
  • Steel


  • Frame: stainless steel / hot-rolled steel

Designed By

  • Stylegarage

Designed and manufactured in the Greater Toronto Area with craftsmanship & integrity.