Factory Panel



Modular Wall Partition System

Make your own inspired space where once there was none with our easy-to-install Factory Panel partitions, made by us to order locally. Well suited to both residential and commercial applications, these innovative glass & metal factory walls are the perfect way to divide a room or bring focus to an area.

  • Custom built
  • Sized to individual specification
  • Ideal for residential, workspace and retail environments
  • Can be installed virtually anywhere

Download our Factory Panel Configuration Guide


  • Hot-Rolled Steel
  • Powder-coated steel
  • Georgian wireglass
  • Clear glass


  • Multiple panel groupings
  • Glass inserts or open frame
  • Configurable glass-to-metal ratio
  • Full enclosures available

Designed By

  • SG Factory Panel

Designed and manufactured in the Greater Toronto Area with craftsmanship & integrity.