Gift Card Promo

Our Gift Card promo ends Tuesday, June 2

It’s a tough time to sell furniture. It’s a tough time for small, independent businesses.

Our showroom remains closed, but we remain open for business. All of our efforts are devoted to safely and responsibly managing current orders in production, taking care of customer service inquiries and remotely working with clients to put together quotations and orders, all while managing our online shop so that those of you in need of furnishings can support local retail at a time when it’s most important. Your orders help us secure the future for our staff, our suppliers – our entire ecosystem.

We’d like to offer an incentive so that those of you who choose to support us throughout this crisis get a bit of a break. For a limited time, we’re offering online gift cards (that can be used, in the future, in our showroom as well) with a bonus – for every $1000 spent, you’ll receive an additional $250 credit. These can be used immediately on our website, on any pieces in our collection. They can also be used over the phone or email, if you’d like to place an order for made-to-order furnishings made locally by independent craftspeople here in the community. If you like, you can bank these – a significant savings on anything you like when we get to the other side.

We’ll be here for the long haul. Thank you for your continued support during our first 20 years of Canadian Modern. We’re excited to see you again soon as we begin our next 20.

Please note – if you are using this bonus credit during one of our sale events, the discounts will not stack. The greater discount will apply, so, in most cases, where our sales offer 15% or 20% off, the 25% off you've received will supercede the sale pricing. Think of it as pre-buying a future sale and getting a bit more off for supporting us now. Gift card credit may be used on new orders only. Gift cards may not be used on Factory Panel orders.