Configure Your Own Custom Mix Modular Sectional

Mix it up and take it home. Add each selected component below to your shopping cart and we'll ship you a new custom sectional, sofa or seating group as quickly as we can. Get creative! Add an Arc and a Wedge piece to lay out a sinuous lounge space, or slip a Mix Block Table between two seats for the perfect place to set down a drink. Choose matching fabrics or order each piece in something different. There's no wrong move!

Mix components are now available in Vegan AppleSkin™ Leather, a new, eco-friendly upholstery material that offers an exciting new option for customers searching for a quality alternative to leather. Formed by upcycling discarded fruit fiber into a durable covering that retains the classic aesthetic of natural leather, the material is a standout addition to our collection’s eco-friendly options.

Bayview Dandelion Bayview Dandelion Maroc Lyric Maroc Lyric Parliament Stone Parliament Stone Berkeley Shield Berkeley Shield Vintage Mineral Vintage Mineral Vintage Smoke Vintage Smoke AppleSkin™ Cognac AppleSkin™ Cognac AppleSkin™ Licorice AppleSkin™ Licorice