Custom DIY Backyard Table
Introducing the DIY Custom Backyard Table! Get outside and build your perfect backyard table with our ready-to-go base set, only $595. Just provide your choice of wood planks or top - in our example, we're using 8' cedar planks from a local hardware store. The length of the table is up to you - our base is suitable for construction in a range of sizes.

These weatherproof, stainless steel base sets are made by hand locally, and are a Stylegarage exclusive. Take a look below to learn how to assemble your table step-by-step, and give us a call or visit one of our modern furniture showrooms to learn more.

Lay out your boards or top how you would like. In the table shown, we used 2x8 planks of cedar from a local hardware store. Have your planks cut to your desired table length.

Turn the top upside down and begin orienting the base.

Measure from the ends to ensure proper placement of the base, checking that the spacing is consistent all around.

Affix the base with screws on both sides. We're using 1¼" screws to accomdate the thickness of our selected top. If your top is thicker, make sure you choose screws long enough to anchor the base.

Flip your table over - you're done! Start scouting out your favourite spot in the yard.